Make symfony/mailer work with friendsofsymfony/user-bundle

friendsofsymfony/user-bundle is great bundle which provides functionalities of user registration, login, reset password etc…

As far mailing is concerned, the bundle supports symfony/swiftmailer-bundle but as the bundle and the core library swiftmailer/swiftmailer is abandoned, one needs to integrate symfony/mailer anyway until the bundle provides natively. I’ve just done that with my recent commercial project…


Programming quotes

Your today’s error is the knowledge of tomorrow, so be patient.


Issue with drag-and-drop directory upload using Dropzone.js in Firefox when ‘acceptedFiles’ option is set

Dropzone is great library to handle file uploads with ~287,777 weekly downloads at NPM (

Recently, when working in one of our customer projects I found that when directory upload is not working in Firefox when ‘acceptedFiles’ is set. Though, it works fine in Chrome and Edge browsers. Dropzone tends to throw invalid file type error in Firefox which fails drag-and-drop directory upload… (5 mins read)


Life quotes

In this rapidly changing world, orientation of people has been switched towards money than life. One of the factors could be the lack of measurement which results in never ending cycle of dissatisfaction and fear. One should measure how much wealth he needs in order to fuel the family and life.

– Ask your wife whether she wants her husband or costly gifts?
– Ask your son whether he wants to play with his papa or toys?
– Ask your daughter whether she wants to spend time with her papa or things she loves most?
– Ask your mother whether she wants to sit with his dearly son or stay alone with her belongings?
– Ask your father whether he wants to be rich monetarily or be with loved ones?

This should give a way.

The fall-back could be that you don’t take such measures, take others for granted and amid you try to fit your individual materialistic desires which is risky thing.


Setup WordPress blog with your main website using Nginx reverse proxy

In many cases, you may need to setup your company / personal blog separately than your main website. For example, my personal website is built using ReactJS having a separate git repository and I want to setup blog as separate, independent WordPress project with its own git repository and it should be accessed like as if its part of main website. There comes reverse proxy and we would do it using Nginx server… (5 mins read)